WPA Style Mural for David Weekley Homes

Weekleysmpegleg.JPG (216800 bytes)

(C) Erwin Art, L.L.C., 1999.   Photo by Joel Draut

    This 6' x 20' mural was done in 1999 for the new offices of David Weekley Homes in Houston, located at 1111 N. Post Oak.  The mural was inspired by the WPA era (U. S. Works Progress Administration of the 1930s) work of artists such as Thomas Hart Benton.  Depicted in Benton-esque multiple perspective are monumental images of the home building process.  At the far left are David Weekley and his brother Dick Weekley.  This mural is on view to the general public.   Special thanks to Joy Stowell and Kathy Andrews of Kathy Andrews Interior Design and to Randall Walker and Brian Malarky of Kirksey and Partners Architects.

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