Ceiling Mural With Portraits by Russell Erwin

    This mural titled Sisters was painted directly on the vaulted ceiling of the Rice Lofts' Foyer.  Six ceiling murals in the Foyer, each measuring approximately 5' x 7', and two  7' x 50' murals on canvas for the Crystal Ballroom, were completed and installed in the Summer of 1998. The mural shown here is loosely based on Waterhouse's Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus and includes the facial portraits of Rice Developer Randall Davis' daughters.   See Press Clippings for more details about Erwin's contribution to the renovation of the historic Rice Hotel into the new Rice Lofts in downtown Houston.  

waterhousepeg.JPG (112811 bytes)

                               Copyright by Russell A. Erwin, 1998.     Photo by Joel Draut.

                                                                        Prints For Sale

    Signed Limited Edition Prints are available of two of the murals from the Rice Hotel renovation (one of which is pictured below, the other is on the Home Page).   The prints are made with light-fast archival inks (Giclee process) on acid-free Concorde Rag paper and are ready for framing.  Each print is part of a one time only Edition of 500: 9" x 13" image size, 16" x 20" pre-matted for framing.  The cost per print is $125 plus shipping. 

To purchase via check, email  russell@russellerwin.com or  call 713-247-0073

To place an order using your CREDIT CARD on the Web go to http://www.houstonarts.com/

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