Pricing and Working Methods

    With commissioned work, the ideas of the artist, the client, and/or design professionals all contribute to the final product. You need not search for years for art to complement your vision. With skill and versatility, Erwin specializes in bringing his clients’ ideas to life.          

    Commissioned work is priced by the job, usually with a day rate that factors in labor, materials, profit, and overhead.  Initial consultations are free.  Erwin Art, L.L.C. is insured for both General Liability and Worker's Compensation. 

    Collaboration with Design Professionals is always a welcome opportunity.  Ask the Artist for a list of the Architectural, Interior Design and Art Consulting firms that he has worked with.      

    Quality materials and methods are a hallmark.  For murals, Erwin often paints with oil on unstretched canvas.  The unstretched canvas can be rolled, shipped, and installed like fabric wallcovering.  Working in the studio rather than on site increases the quality of the painting(s) and eliminates hotel and travel costs, plus time-consuming daily setups and breakdowns.  

    Erwin Art's capable crew has consisted of friends and associates of great talent and ability.   While some of Erwin's competitors are secretive and contractually forbid their employees from ever seeking independant work in the same field, Erwin attracts and hires the best available artists and artisans on a per project basis.   Also in contrast to most decorative art companies, the owner of the company is actually On Site supervising most of the time that his decorative crews are working. 

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