'Old Wall' Faux Finish for a Kingwood Mansion

kingwoodfaux1ab.JPG (704582 bytes)     Kingwoodfaux2.JPG (43598 bytes)

A crew of 12 decorative artisans trained and managed by Russell Erwin applied approx. 10,000 square feet of an 'Old Wall' Faux Finish for a Kingwood area mansion around the first of the year 2000.  This job was accomplished in about two weeks with some extra touch up by Erwin.   This Faux Finish is an antiquing glaze resembling old Italian marble & lime-based stucco walls.   The beige tones complement the Travertine marble elements in this home. A similar Old Wall Faux Finish was applied by Erwin Art over approx. 15,000 square feet of the walls and ceilings of a Villa Style mansion in the River Oaks area of Houston the same year. 

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